Paper Money aka Our Descending Wealth!

Do u realize that all our wealth in the form of money is only temporary.. day by day it lost its value. It lost it's value in time eaten by the inflation. In 1990's you could buy 1 Nasi Lemak for 50 cents. Now the same Nasi Lemak (the quantity might even less than before) cost u not less than RM1.50. Why this happen..Its all because of inflation.. and paper money aka Fiat Money as it has no real or actual monetary value. So may I suggest for us to be more prudent and to keep portion of our wealth in gold. Gold has proven itself for hundred of years that it has an intrinsic value and the price is always keep on ascending. So if you have RM1K, 10K, 100K or how many thousands..why dont change SOME to buy this valuable and precious metal. The Paper money that you are having now that declining in the value VS Gold the precious metal that will always and always increase its value. Make your own choice

Money has to be weighted as it lost it's value!
100 Billion for 3 eggs!!!

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Abū Bakr ibn Abi Maryam reported that he heard the Messenger of Allah say: "A time is certainly coming over mankind in which there will be nothing (left) that will be of use (or benefit) save a Dinār (ie, a gold coin) and a Dirham (ie, a silver coin). [This prophecy clearly anticipates the eventual collapse of the fraudulent monetary system now functioning around the world.] (Musnad, Ahmad)