Why I chose Public Gold?

Good question.. For me I chose PG product because :

1) Physical Gold..
I got the physical gold itself.. compare to GSA by Maybank or GIA by Public Bank.. I prefer the physical gold. So I could manipulate.. Simple thing; I can sell if I have the physical gold...hehehe. Banyak cara n banyak lagi kena practice... Try to read from Banyak ilmu from there. People like the idea of holding something of real value in their hands, instead of trusting everything to a bank or broker.

2) Presentable (I have to do more some misunderstood my concept of explanation..sigh..)
Compare to the gold bar that I bought in some 'lekeh' goldsmith in kelantan.. Gold from PG very presentable and come in many sizes that can suite to our budget. Though the quality is the same with the gold that I bought in the 'lekeh' glodsmith (I've check myself when I pajak at the ArRahnu BR the purity is 999.99) Kelantanese called it Emas 10.. And its cheaper from market price (even PG ... hehe), but sooooo much difficult to get it n it didnt come in certificate and assayer accredited. So much soo..for own purchase n collection oklah..but for me to sell..susah lah babe. Imagine to travel from KB n KL.. Not cost effective.. And the convincing that I have to do to sell.. As for PG all that Q has been taken care of.. presentable. Come with cert and assayer accredited.. so senang already. And for PG as the gold is presentable, it can even used as a hantaran.. Bayangkan daripada bagi cash (fiat money) baik bagi gold dengan harga yang sama, lepas kawin harga naik..value wang hantaran dah lebih tinggi dari nilai yang diberi...hehehe..

3) Another portfolio of investment..Diversified
Some experts suggest that 10-15% of portfolio assets be in precious metals. No matter what
level of risk an investor wishes to take, every portfolio needs a secure foundation. Gold is one of the most liquid of all investments. It is readily portable. It is easy to store. It is recognized in every country. It is easily and discreetly bought and sold. It can be easily converted to cash at any time.

4) Cheaper Price
Compare to other gold bullion or gold coins.. the PG is rather cheaper. The price of gold in PG quoted daily will be pegged to the international gold price and will definitely be better than goldsmith shops.

5) Easily Found..Ready stock available
For PG U could buy it from any of PG agent around the country..salah sorangnya from Eda la ye..hehehe.. contact Eda kalau sesape nak beli gold..hehehe..012-6253023.. the stock is always available unlike ie. the Kijang Emas always out of stock and not many Maybank branch having it. Since PG has their own minting factory, so stock is not an issue.. the issue is berapa banyak duit kita nak invest dalam gold :)

6) Competitive Spread
Public Gold offer the most competitive buy back rates in Malaysia. When you buy precious metal you pay a premium above the live spot price, (Lets say 6%). When you come to sell your
precious metal you receive a price below the live spot rate (say 1%) Therefore in this example the margin spread is 7 percentage points. The lower the spread margin the better. And in these case, PG Spread is between 5%-6% only.. Tapi kalau beli gold bar dari* (lihat senarai di nota tambahan) Spread adalah antara 11% - 25%. Tak ke jauh beza tu..

7) PG will buy back used hassle
If we buy gold bar from other kedai emas, spread belian balik adalah min 11%..itupun kalau still intact dalam plastic cover dia. Tapi kalau dah buka cover tu emas boleh susut nilai sampai 25%. Berlainan dengan PG.. Kita buka plastik pun harga belian tetap sama. Then kalau calar, kemek atau bengkok, PG still amik ikut harga belian semasa. Kalau Kijang Emas... ade kes, Maybank tak nak terima balik walaupun hanya calar yang halus... Simple reason, they did not produce it. They just selling it. So susah la babe.

*Nota Tambahan..
1. Habib Jewel – Menjual PAMP Suisse (certificate pink) & Lady Fortuna
2. Kedai Emas biasa - PAMP Suisse gold bar (Lady Fortuna – dalam plastik biru)
3. Poh Kong – Menjual Bunga Raya Gold Bar.

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Abū Bakr ibn Abi Maryam reported that he heard the Messenger of Allah say: "A time is certainly coming over mankind in which there will be nothing (left) that will be of use (or benefit) save a Dinār (ie, a gold coin) and a Dirham (ie, a silver coin). [This prophecy clearly anticipates the eventual collapse of the fraudulent monetary system now functioning around the world.] (Musnad, Ahmad)